Jerry’s Story

In my working years since graduating college I’ve learned 3 things about myself that will forever shape the way I live:

1) Money Isn’t Everything

2) I HATE the corporate world

3) Traveling is the only cure for my restlessness

When I was 10, my parents booked flights to Europe and I’ve been restless ever since.  In Paris, I lost my backpack and hysterically crying, my Dad hailed a cab back to the airport where someone had returned my 10 pound bag filled with stuffed animals and CD’s.  My first horror travel story was written with a happy ending and my addiction to wander has yet to cease.

Since then, I have been blessed to travel to 8 of the 28 EU member states, countless places in Asia, numerous states in the USA, islands, territories and areas of Canada & South America.  I have experienced things I never imagined.  In China, I was the first Caucasian to visit a small village where we ate dog to celebrate my arrival (don’t hate me).  In Tokyo, I risked my life trying 5 different dishes of Blow-fish.  In Hong Kong, I rang in the New Year with thousands of others waiting on line to get into the club.

This Travel Blog

Over the next year, I will be leaving the corporate world for a life abroad.  I have spent 6 years waiting for this day, actively saving to escape my cubicle.  I made this page to document my journey, to encourage others and to teach you that it is possible to dream.  I also plan to share the ideas, tips & tricks I learn along the way so that hopefully you will have a smoother journey.

Good and bad, travel is always changing. If you can live with the lumps, traveling will provide you with life’s most rewarding memories. There is nothing like experiencing a new culture and offering yourself as a mirror of your own.

I’m Jetlag Jerry and my story is just beginning!